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Nikita Popov: Internal value representation in PHP 7 - Part 2
Evert Pot: PHP's callable typehint too loose?
Theo Kouzelis: Improving Readability of PHPUnit Data Providers
Derick Rethans: Xdebug 2.3: Enhanced xdebug_debug_zval()
Nikita Popov: PHP's new hashtable implementation
Stanislav Malyshev: Objects as keys
Michael Dowling: Favor Hash Lookups Over Array Searches
Nikita Popov: The case against the ifsetor function
SitePoint PHP Blog: Fun with Array Interfaces Array Manipulation in PHP, the Correct Way

items matched on content with array Array Manipulation in PHP, the Correct Way
  On the blog there's a recent post showing what they consider is the right way to work with arrays in PHP. It shows three things you can do to...
Quick Tip: Array Type Hint Added to CVS
  According to this latest post on the NuCluez Blog, there's a new "type hint" that's been added to the PHP CVS in the past few days: function foo( array $a )... Array Operators in PHP: Interesting but Less Spoken
  On there's a new tutorial about array operators in PHP, more so how the usual operators interact with arrays. Operators in PHP can be organized into seven different categori...
Johannes Schluter's Blog: Features in PHP trunk: Array dereferencing
  In a recent post to his blog Johannes Schluter talks about a new feature that's just been added to the PHP project's trunk - array dereferencing. Now you might wonder ... 10 PHP Tricks for Associative Array Manipulation
  On there's a new tutorial with ten handy tips you can use to work with associative arrays in your PHP applications. The associative array -- an indispens...
Make Me Pulse Blog: Tips : RecursiveArrayIterator on mulitdimensional Array
  On the Make Me Pulse blog, Antoine Ughetto shares a method he came up with to recurse through an array using the SPL method - the RecursiveArrayIterator method. When we have...
Bjarte Karlsen's Blog: Sorting with uasort
  Bjarte Karlsen has a handy tip posted to his blog today - one array function to keep in mind when doing more than just the basic sorting - uasort. ... Array Handling Functions
  On today there's a new tutorial introducing you to the array handling features in PHP - sorting, slicing and more. In my previous article on...
Brandon Savage's Blog: Five Cool PHP Array Functions
  In a new post to his blog Brandon Savage takes a look at five different functions for working with arrays you can do some pretty cool things with: Time and time...
Stijn Leenknegt's Blog: [PHP6] function-return-array idea!
  Stijn Leenknegt has posted a suggestion of his directed towards the developers behind PHP6 for a different way to return array values that he'd of found handy in working with...

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