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Conference Talks

Have a talk that you've given for a conference and don't see it listed here? send it along to us and we'll get it posted. And don't worry - if it's for a conference that's not listed, we'll add a new section and post it there!

PHP Quebec 2008
Ilia Alshanetsky Introducing PHP 5.3 [blog]
Lukas Smith SQL (Un)patterns [blog]
Jay Pipes Performance Coding for MySQL [blog]
Stefan Priebsch The Seven Steps to Better PHP Code [blog]
Kuassi Mensah What Oracle Database 11g Brings to PHP
Web Scale PHP Connection Broker

ForumPHP 2007
Derick Rethans PHP's Dirty Secrets [blog]
Brian Shire APC @ Facebook [blog]

ApacheCon 2007
Laura Thomson PHP Best Practices [blog]

International PHP Conference 2007
Derick Rethans Personal Home Page Tools Have Grown Up
PHP's Dirty Secrets
Test Driven Development
Lukas Smith SQL (un)-patterns [blog]
Sebastian Bergmann A Workflow Engine for PHP 5
PECL: Ein Griff in den PHP-Sprachbaukasten
Qualitätssicherung in PHP-Projekten
Testing with PHPUnit and Selenium
Tobias Schlitt Hands on eZ Components workshop
Webdav with eZ Components
Kore Nordmann Quick talk: Mock Up Your Objects
Regular expressions - Doing Magic With Text
Thomas Weinert Generating PDF using XSLT and FPDF
Bayesian Spamfilter
Rob Nicholson Project Zero [blog]

DC PHP Conference 2007
David Skalar API Design [blog]
Eli White High Performance PHP & MySQL Scaling Techniques
Help, my website has been hacked! Now What?
Laura Thomson Write Beautiful Code [blog]
Mike Potter Rich Internet Applications
Flex and PHP Hands on Session (files)
Ed Finkler Securing the PHP Environment with PHPSecInfo
Secure PHP Development with Inspekt
Brian Shire APC @ Facebook [blog]
Lucas Nealan Facebook Performance Caching [blog]

Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2007
Elizabeth Smith Building PHP on Windows [blog]
Laura Thomson Premium PHP [blog]
Eli White PHP Features You Didn't Know Existed
High Performance PHP & MySQL Scaling Techniques
Stanislav Malyshev Building Rich Internet Applications with PHP and the Zend Framework [blog]
David Sklar API Design [blog]
Elizabeth Naramore PHP and E-Commerce: More Than Just a Shopping Cart [blog]
Derick Rethans Time = Money [blog]
Ilia Alshanetsky State of PHP Security [blog]

php|works 2007
Sebastian Bergmann Testing with PHPUnit and Selenium
A Workflow Engine for PHP5 (or Graph-Oriented Programming with PHP)
Advanced PHPUnit Topics
Ben Ramsey Designing RESTful Web Applications [blog]
Maggie Nelson You Don't Need a DBA (or What Every PHP Developer Should Know About Database Development)
How to Optimize a Database Query (files: tar.gz | zip)
Paul Jones Organizing Your PHP Project
Framework and Application Benchmarking
Andrei Zmievski Opening Keynote: PHP 6
VIM for (PHP) Programmers (VIM files)
Derick Rethans Time = Money (PHP date/time support)
Input Filtering
7 (or more) PHP Myths defused
Ed Finkler Introduction to CodeIgniter (Example app used in talk
Securing the PHP Environment With PHPSecInfo
Brian Shire APC @ Facebook
Lucas Nealan Facebook Performance Caching [blog]

OSCON 2007
Luke Welling PHP and MySQL Best Practices
Striving for Less Ugly Charts and Graphs From PHP
Andrei Zmievski Test Driven Development [blog]

php|tek 2007
Ilia Alshanetsky Securing PHP Applications
PHP & Performance
Security Pitfall
Jason Sweat Test Driven Development [blog]
Sebastian Bergmann Testing PHP/Web Applications with PHPUnit 3 and Selenium [blog]
Chris Hartjes What Can PHP Learn From Ruby on Rails? [blog]
Derick Rethans Help, I Found a Bug in my Code!
Exposing Hidden PHP Secrets
Jeff Moore Writing Maintainable PHP Code
Dependency Injection
Exceptional PHP
Brian Shire APC @ Facebook

PHP Quebec 2007
Rob Richards Advanced XML with PHP 5
SOA: Beyond The Hype
Ilia Alshanetsky Securing PHP Applications
Migrating to PHP 5.2.1
Mike Potter PHP and Rich Internet Applications [blog]
Laura Thomson Writing Maintainable PHP
Fabien Potencier symfony - Simplify your professional web development with PHP [english]
symfony - Simplify your professional web development with PHP [french]
Graham Charters Service Component Architecture - Web services and SOA with the Service Component Architecture [blog]

Vancouver PHP Conference
Andrei Zmievski VIM for (PHP) Programmers
Unicoding with PHP 6
Sean Coates PHP Phone Home [blog]
Derick Rethans eZ components: RAD with PHP
Efficient Debugging with Xdebug
Ilia Alshanetsky Cache for Ca$h
Migrating to 5.2.1

Forum PHP Paris
Derick Rethans eZ components: RAD with PHP [blog]

International PHP Conference 2006 (11.05.2006 - 11.08.2006)
Dr. Alexander Schwinn Entwicklung von PHP-Applikationen mit eBay Webservices
Ben Ramsey RESTful Web Services
Filtering Tainted Data
Derick Rethans Time = Money - Date and Time with PHP
PHP 6 and Unicode
Thorsten Rinne Einführung in PHP 5 und IBM DB2 [blog]
Christopher Kunz PHP-Sicherheit [blog]
Matthew Peters SCA for PHP - Part 1
SCA for PHP - Part 2

Zend/PHP Conference & Expo (10.29.2006 - 11.02.2006)
Ilia Alshanetsky PHP Performance [blog]
Mike Naberezny Best Practices of PHP Development [blog]
Ben Ramsey XML & Web Services [blog]
Matthew O'Phinney PHP Best Practices [blog]
Ilia Alshanetsky PHP Security
PHP Caching Systems
Graham Charters Web Services and SOA with the Service Component Architecture [blog]
Andrei Zmievski PHP and Unicode [blog]
Sebastian Bergmann Testing PHP Applications with PHPUnit 3 [blog]
Aaron Wormus Moving to PHP5 with Style
Planning a PHP4 -> PHP5 platform Rewrite
Advanced PHP Tools (tutorial)
Rob Richards Advanced XML and Web Services [blog]

DC PHP Conference (10.19.2006 - 10.20.2006)
Mike Naberezny PHP Intranet Services
Zend Framework: Getting Started

php|works & db|works 2006 (09.13.2006 - 09.15.2006)
Robert Treat Introduction to pl/php [blog]
Ilia Alshanetsky Migrating to PHP 5.2 - PDF | Flash
Cache for Ca$h - PDF | Flash
Paul Jones Organizing Your PHP Project [blog]
Derick Rethans Input Filtering
Derick's Ranting Hour
eZ components: RAD with PHP
Andrei Zmievski I Love Unicode, You Love Unicode
Rob Richards Advanced XML and Web Services
XML Security
Zak Greant Contracts and Licenses for PHP Developers [blog]
Wez Furlong PDO: PHP Data Objects
PHP: Best mailing practices
Extending PHP

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