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Laravel News:
Eager Lazy Collections Added to Laravel 6.1
Oct 15, 2019 @ 13:30:01

                            The Laravel team announced the immediate availability of Laravel v6.1.0 with a new eager() method added to Lazy Collections along with the latest updates for Laravel 6. 

            The post Eager Lazy Collections Added to Laravel 6.1 appeared first on Laravel...

Link: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-6-1-0

symfony Project Blog:
New in Symfony 4.4: Messenger Middleware to Clear Doctrine Entity Manager
Oct 15, 2019 @ 12:30:02

        Contributed by Konstantin Myakshin  
        in #31334. 

In the Messenger component, middleware is used to configure what happens when you dispatch a message to a message bus. In Symfony 4.4 we've added a ne...


Link: https://symfony.com/blog/new-in-symfony-4-4-messenger-middleware-to-clear-doctrine-entity-manager?utm_source=Symfony%20Blog%20Feed&utm_medium=feed

Laravel News:
Callable Container Objects Added to Laravel 6.2
Oct 15, 2019 @ 10:00:03

                            The Laravel team released v6.2.0 last week with a new password confirmation flow for logged-in users, and callable container objects. Let’s go over some of the other new features we haven’t covered yet, now that the release notes are available. 


Link: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-6-2-0

Community News:
Latest PECL Releases (10.15.2019)
Oct 15, 2019 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.4.8


    • Support HttpResponse close (#2861) (@matyhtf)
    • Support Process::daemon() redirection of IO (#2871) (@matyhtf)
    • Add SwooleServerTask::pack (#2872) (#2874) (@matyhtf)
    • Support ssl_protocols option (74499276) (@matyhtf)
    • Add document of bug reports (ba1c078f) (@twose)


    • Fixed random bytes added to response status code (#2856) (@twose)
    • Fixed naming conflicts with php gdbinit (2a2447ec) (@shiguangqi)
    • Fixed build without PCRE JIT on OSX (2a4c447e) (@twose)
    • Fixed WebsocketServer class entry of property declaration (1f197daf) (@twose)
    • Fixed coroutine bound error checker of CoHttpClient (2619cdd8) (@twose)
    • Fixed gdb debugger in docker (ec815288) (@twose)
    • Fixed MySQL close error (#2869) (@twose)
    • Fixed Cygwin with process (#2868) (#2876) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed tls_host_name not found (d1968c26) (@twose)
    • Fixed SSL renegotiation (#2847) (d8b87ebb) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed HTTP2 client empty data (37b12d72) (775aefed) (@twose)
    • Fixed send yield hang (#2885) (@matyhtf) (@twose)
    • Fixed null fci_cache (#2881) (@twose)
    • Fixed server mode on CYGWIN (#2868) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed select null (5e23dd96) (@twose)
    • Fixed #2643 #2868 (#2888) (@matyhtf)
  • mysql_xdevapi 8.0.18
    WL#12732: DevAPI: Specify TLS ciphers to be used by a client or session orabug #29421446: fixes for secure connections orabug #30226250: some of Collection.Modify ops don't support JSON documents properly orabug #30093227: mysql_xdevapiCollectionFind::fields() path fails when ends in number orabug #30226232: incorrect behaviour of chained CRUD ops in webserver mode orabug #30258670: CollectionModify.arrayInsert vs bind: cannot use bindings for arrayInsert orabug #30088118: clean up XSession leavings orabug #30088150: remove messages orabug #30084547: improve zval wrapper orabug #29998874: fix tests to pass with default auth_plugin=caching_sha2_password orabug #30096952: add support for building in static mode orabug #30084593: get rid of vim "decorators" fixes for building with PHP-7.4+
  • xlswriter 1.3.1
    - FEAT freeze panes - FEAT set font - Refactor format background
  • datadog_trace 0.32.1
    ### Added
    • Preview CodeIgniter v2 integration #588
    • Preview WordPress v4 integration #570

    Please report any issues you encounter with these two preview integrations.


    • ZF1 integration response after loading #609
    • Prevent mysqli_connect() span from closing twice #610
    • Support mysqli usage when using real_connect approach #607
  • redis 5.1.0RC1
    This release contains important bugfixes and improvements.

    phpredis 5.1.0RC1

    • Fix regression for multihost_distribute_call added in 112c77e3 [fbe0f804] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Fix regression for conntecting to unix sockets with relative path added in 1f41da64 [17b139d8, 7ef17ce1] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Fix unix-socket detection logic broken in 418428fa [a080b73f] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Fix memory leak and bug with getLastError for redis_mbulk_reply_assoc and redis_mbulk_reply_zipped. [7f42d628, 3a622a07] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko), (Michael Grunder)
    • Fix bug with password contain "#" for redis_session [2bb08680] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Add optional support for Zstd compression, using --enable-redis-ztsd. This requires libzstd version >= 1.3.0 [2abc61da] (Remi Collet)
    • Fix overallocation in RedisCluster directed node commands [cf93649] (Michael Grunder)
    • Also attach slaves when caching cluster slots [0d6d3fdd, b114fc26] (Michael Grunder)
    • Use zend_register_persistent_resource_ex for connection pooling [fdada7ae, 7c6c43a6] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Refactor redis_session [91a8e734, 978c3074] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Documentation improvements (@Steveb-p, @tangix, @ljack-adista, @jdreesen, Michael Grunder)


symfony Project Blog:
New in Symfony 4.4: Improved Type Constraint
Oct 14, 2019 @ 14:00:02

        Contributed by Jan Schädlich  
        in #31351. 

The Type constraint included in the Validator component validates that a given value is of a specific data type. This type can be any of the valid PHP t...


Link: https://symfony.com/blog/new-in-symfony-4-4-improved-type-constraint?utm_source=Symfony%20Blog%20Feed&utm_medium=feed

Laravel News:
Send Notifications for Exceptions with the Notifiable Exception Package
Oct 14, 2019 @ 11:00:02

                            Notifiable Exception is a Laravel package by Andrea Marco Sartori to send notifications for certain exceptions. 

            The post Send Notifications for Exceptions with the Notifiable Exception Package appeared first on Laravel News. 
            Join ...

Link: https://laravel-news.com/notifiable-exception-package

★ The mixin PHP DocBlock
Oct 14, 2019 @ 09:30:02

When using PHP, you've probably used DocBlocks. They can be used to add additional information that can't be inferred by looking at the source code alone. DocBlocks can be used by IDEs, like PhpStorm, to improve autocomplete suggestions. In this blogpost, I'd like to highlight a not so well known D...


Link: https://freek.dev/1482-the-mixin-php-docblock

Community News:
Latest PEAR Releases (10.14.2019)
Oct 14, 2019 @ 08:05:02

Latest PEAR Releases:



Automatically Create a Multilingual WordPress Site With a Translator Plugin
Oct 11, 2019 @ 14:30:02

A multilingual WordPress site is one that offers content in more than one language. For example, a site can provide content in English, French, German, and Spanish. Since most countries have more than one official language, it makes sense to have content in multiple languages. Having a multilingual ...


Link: https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-multilingual-wordpress-site--cms-34026

Delicious Brains:
How Laravel Valet Works Exactly
Oct 11, 2019 @ 11:00:02

Developers tend to love messing about with their local development environments to see what fits their project requirements and workflow best. Since its launch in 2016, Laravel Valet has quickly become a popular choice and it has become my go-to environment when developing locally on my Mac because ...


Link: https://deliciousbrains.com/how-laravel-valet-works-exactly/

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