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01.10.2018 (Wednesday)
Stefan Koopmanschap: A rant about best practices
Intracto.com Blog: Paying Technical Debt - How To Rescue Legacy Code through Refactoring
Symfony Blog: The end of the Symfony Standard Edition
Brandon Savage: What version of PHP should my package support?
01.09.2018 (Tuesday)
D. Nagy Gergo: Neat Laravel Features from 2017
Symfony Finland: PHP-PM 1.0 launches with Docker images and Symfony 3+ support
Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.09.2018)
01.08.2018 (Monday)
Asmir Mustafic: Modular Application Architecture - Considerations
php[architect]: January 2018 Issue Released - Setting up to Succeed
Freek Van der Herten: Handling CORS in a Laravel application
01.05.2018 (Friday)
Zen of Coding: PHP MVC Frameworks Preview of 2018 (Phalcon 3, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.x and Others)
TutsPlus.com: How to Send Emails in Laravel
RIPS Technologies: PHP Security Advent Calendar 2017 Wrap-Up
PHP.net: Multiple Versions Released - 5.6.33, 7.1.13, 7.2.1 and 7.0.27
Martin Hujer: 17 Tips for Using Composer Efficiently
Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (01.05.2018)
01.04.2018 (Thursday)
Théo Fidry: Create and deploy secure PHARs
Matthieu Cneude: PHP type hinting: what you shouldn't do
Fabien Potencier: Symfony 4: Unpack the Packs
Laravel News: Building a Vue SPA with Laravel
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (01.04.2018)

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