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12.23.2014 (Tuesday)
Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Thijs Feryn
Rob Allen: SSL certificate verification on PHP 5.6 Know Thy PHP Conference Know The PHP South Coast Conference Clean Architecture
Loosely Coupled Podcast: Episode 16: Estimation Is Hard
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.23.2014
Community News: Latest PECL Releases for 12.23.2014
12.22.2014 (Monday)
/Dev/Hell Podcast: Episode 53: Let's Get This Thing Over With
Cal Evans: Five influencers you should thank this year for making the PHP community so awesome
Anthony Ferrara: On PHP Version Requirements
SitePoint PHP Blog: No More var_dump - Introducing Symfony VarDumper!
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.22.2014
Community News: Latest PEAR Releases for 12.22.2014
12.21.2014 (Sunday)
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.21.2014
12.20.2014 (Saturday)
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.20.2014
12.19.2014 (Friday)
Developer Drive: Simplify your documentation process with Couscous
Efficient Chinese Search with Elasticsearch Release of PHP 5.4.36, 5.5.20 and 5.6.4 (Includes Security Fix)
Sound of Symfony Podcast: Episode 6 - The SymfonyCon Special
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.19.2014
Site News: Popular Posts for the Week of 12.19.2014
12.18.2014 (Thursday)
Lee Blue: How PHP Frameworks Affect Profitability
Matthieu Napoli: Test against the lowest Composer dependencies on Travis
SitePoint PHP Blog: Getting Started with Medoo - Examples of Use
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.18.2014
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP
12.17.2014 (Wednesday)
php[architect]: Announcing php[tek] 2015 & the Open Call for Papers
Symfony Blog: Testing minimal versions of Symfony requirements
php[architect]: December 2014 Issue Released - Taming Content Integrate Bitcoin Payment Gateway Into OpenCart: Part 1
Sameer Borate: Integrating Googles new reCAPTCHA in PHP
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 12.17.2014
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