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07.07.2016 (Thursday)
SitePoint PHP Blog: PHP, Arduino And… Minecraft? Combining Minecraft with PHP!
Rob Allen: Standalone Doctrine Migrations redux
Loïc Faugeron: Mars Rover, Landing coordinates
Davey Shafik: Building a Community Presence
Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Ibis Arrastia
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (07.07.2016)
07.06.2016 (Wednesday)
TNT Studio: Easy way of sending scheduled tasks output to Slack
TutsPlus.com: Internationalizing WordPress Projects: A Practical Example, Part 1
Laravel News: Laracon US Live Stream
Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (07.06.2016)
07.05.2016 (Tuesday)
QaFoo Blog: Outside-In Testing and the Adapter and Facade Patterns
SitePoint PHP Blog: Do PHP and IoT Have a Future Together?
Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.05.2016)
07.04.2016 (Monday)
Helge Sverre: Database migrations in PHP with Phinx
Cal Evans: Public Speaking: A Conference Organizer’s Perspective
Jordi Boggiano: Typo Squatting and Packagist
Community News: Latest PEAR Releases (07.04.2016)
07.01.2016 (Friday)
php[architect]: July 2016 Issue - Harnessing Magic
SitePoint PHP Blog: Disco with Design Patterns: A Fresh Look at Dependency Injection
Zend Framework Blog: Zend Framework 1 End-of-Life Announcement
Sound of Symfony Podcast: Episode 14 - What's new in Symfony 3.1
Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (07.01.2016)

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