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05.04.2016 (Wednesday)
TutsPlus.com: Deploy Your PHP Application With Rocketeer
Mark Ragazzo: Immutable objects
SitePoint PHP Blog: Building a SparkPost Client: TDD with PhpUnit and Mockery
Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Rachel Baker
Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (05.04.2016)
05.03.2016 (Tuesday)
QaFoo.com: Never Use null
php[architect]: May 2016 Issue Released - Full Speed Ahead
CloudWays Blog: “PHP 7 Has Done Wonders For The Language”, Says Stefan Koopmanschap Of PHPBenelux
Mark Baker: In Search of an Anonymous Class Factory
Free the Geek Podcast: Episode 17 - Talking Conferences and Security with Chris Cornutt
Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.03.2016)
05.02.2016 (Monday)
Marc Schmidt: PHP High-Performance - Follow Up with Symfony/Jarves.io and PHP-PM
SitePoint PHP Blog: Starting a Business with Laravel Spark
TutsPlus.com: Kick-Start WordPress Development With Twig: Timber Image, Menu, and User
Symfony Finland: Exotic PHP implementations: HippyVM, JPHP, Tagua VM, Peachpie
04.29.2016 (Friday)
Viva64.com: Analysis of PHP7
TutsPlus.com: How to Authenticate Users With Twitter OAuth 2.0
Symfony Blog: The New Symfony Documentation Search Engine
Scotch.io: How To Process Tweets in Real-Time with Laravel
PHP.net: PHP 5.5.35, 5.6.21 and 7.0.6 Released
Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (04.29.2016)
04.28.2016 (Thursday)
Zend Framework Blog: Announcement: ZF repository rename 2016-05-03
Pascal Martin: INI directives are evil!
Mathias Verraes: The Repair/Replace Heuristic for Legacy Software
Rob Allen: DI Factories for Slim controllers
Cal Evans: What do developers look for when they scan a job ad?
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (04.28.2016)

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