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01.25.2017 (Wednesday)
NetTuts.com: Building Your Startup: Automatic Time-Zone Detection
Zend Framework Blog: Implement a SOAP server with zend-soap
DeliciousBrains.com: Hooks, Line, and Sinker: WordPress’ New WP_Hook Class
Adam Wathan: Methods Are Affordances, Not Abilities
Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (01.25.2017)
01.24.2017 (Tuesday)
Master Zend Framework: How To Generate Dependency Configuration's Easily with ConfigDumper
Laravel News: Laravel 5.4 Is Now Released
/Dev/Hell Podcast: Episode 87: Asking Questions Down Under
Matthieu Napoli: Using anonymous classes to write simpler tests
Michael Dyrynda: Switching PHP versions with Laravel Valet
Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.24.2017)
01.23.2017 (Monday)
Zend Blog: Answering your questions about unit testing
PHP.net: PHP 5.6.30 Released
That Podcast: Episode 36: Things (A potpourri of flavor!)
TutsPlus.com: Building Your Startup: Preparing for Text Messaging
Community News: Latest PEAR Releases (01.23.2017)
01.20.2017 (Friday)
Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Shawn Mayzes
Matthias Noback: Introducing the SymfonyConsoleForm package
Master Zend Framework: How To Generate Class Factories The Easy Way with FactoryCreator
Laravel News: How to Use Old Versions of Laravel Homestead
Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (01.20.2017)
01.19.2017 (Thursday)
PHP.net: PHP 7.1.1 Released
SitePoint PHP Blog: Laravel and Braintree, Sitting in a Tree…
NetTuts.com: Using Namespaces and Autoloading in WordPress Plugins, Part 4
Laravel News Podcast: Episode #29: Welcome Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda as the new hosts
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (01.19.2017)

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