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We Celebrate Our Ten-Thousandth Post!
Apr 18, 2008 @ 19:33:36

PHPDeveloper.org has come a long way over the past eight years (we'll turn eight in August!) and this post marks our ten thousandth post in our quest to bring you the best news and community happenings for all things PHP. I never would have figured that this site would turn into what it was, especially back when I was only making one post a day that summarized everything back in college.

I'd like to thank all of those that have helped me along the way (you know who you are) to make this site even better and to help provide quality content. And, of course, to the readers out there - without you we wouldn't be what we are. A fun fact - PHPDeveloper.org is, as of right now, sitting at the #1 spot on Google's results for both "php news" and "php developer". Our traffic is split pretty well with around 42% coming from Google, about 32% from referring sites and 24% being direct requests to the site. That's not even counting our RSS feed - we get around 60,000 requests for that each day alone!

I thought I'd honor the occasion with some statistics to walk down memory lane and share live before 10k:

Total characters in all news posts:

Total comments:
68,661 (65,517 of those are spam)

Top Five Months by Posts:
08/2006 - 265
06/2006 - 252
10/2005 - 227
10/2006 - 224
05/2006 - 216

Top Five Posts by Views:
06.28.2006 - Tutorial: An Introduction to OOP in PHP (47018 views)
06.07.2005 - Community News: A Decade of PHP (30810 views)
03.05.2006 - Community News: The PHP Community Responds to the Framework (29882 views)
08.20.2006 - PHP-Tools Blog: New releases of patTemplate and patForms (29009 views)
09.06.2005 - Community News: Joomla! Project Announced (28841 views)

Thank you to all of our readers over the last eight years!

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