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Brian Moon's Blog:
Short Array Syntax for PHP
May 29, 2008 @ 11:13:00

There's been some talk floating around about a proposed additional syntax for creating arrays in PHP. Brian Moon sums it up nicely in a new post to his blog.

So, I was asked in IRC today about the proposed short array syntax for PHP. For those that don't know, I mean the same syntax that other languages (javascript, perl, python, ruby) all have. [...] It just feels like a good addition to the language. It is common among web languages and therefore users coming into PHP from other languages may find it more comfortable.

He compares it with other data type creation in PHP (you don't call int() to make an integer, so why call array() to make an array). However, according to a post from the internals mailing list, we might not be seeing this any time soon.

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