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Taylor Luk Releases H2o Templating System (Django-inspired)
November 13, 2008 @ 09:31:41

Taylor Luk submitted some info about a project he's been working on for a while and is ready to release into the wild and see how useful it can be for others - H2o Template, a Django-inspired templating system.

I have been developing this for quite a while, started as a fun project to do django like syntax and compiles down to php code. Unlike the last django-like template for Zend Framework, this one is more stand alone. After couple major rewrite, now i am releasing 0.3 beta.

The syntax of the templates is pretty similar to Django and it includes a built-in caching driver, an extension system that allows for external filters/tags/extensions to be added in easily and internationalization support. He's currently using it on a CakePHP website in a view class on a production system.

Get more details and access the source on the project's github page.

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