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Sameer Borate's Blog:
Refactoring 1 Consolidating Conditional Expressions
January 05, 2009 @ 09:31:08

Sameer has posted the first article in his "Refactoring" series today - a look at boiling down conditional expressions to only the logic that are really needed (and maybe replacing it all together).

Many times you see a group of conditionals where the returned values are the same. To make the code cleaner you can group the conditionals together using the '&&' or the '||' operators and then extract the code into a separate function. This also has the added benefit that you can reuse the extracted method in other places where the required conditional goes.

He shows how abstracting out a file upload permissions check to another function makes it easier to reuse and simpler to understand (an "if" versus multiple "return" statements).

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