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Mattias Geniar's Blog:
Input Validation Using filter_var() Over Regular Expressions
February 11, 2009 @ 07:55:30

This recent post to Mattias Geniar's blog takes a look at an alternative to trying to catch every single thing that could be filtered on user input with a regular expression - the filter_var function.

Just about the biggest time-sink on any project, is the amount of input validation that needs to be done. You _have_ to assume your visitor is a maniac serial killer, out to destroy your application. And you have to prevent it. [...] Thus starts our never-ending battle for user input validation. We can't allow it all so we check every value presented to us. But using PHP's filter_var function, this can be made 100x easier!

He includes the long list of filtering types that the function has to offer including sanitizing strings, working with special characters and validating input like email addresses, URLs and IP addresses.

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