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India will become number 1 source of PHP developers soon
Jul 30, 2009 @ 07:51:39

According to this new post on the PHPClasses.org blog, in the near future India will become the number one source for PHP developers in the world.

The number of Indian PHP developers has been growing at a large pace in the last few years, when compared to other countries. A few years ago, India was just one of the top ten countries with more PHP developers. Now India is number 2 and is almost surpassing United States, which is still number 1. This article presents a reflection about why this growth happened just in the latest years, as well what it means for the PHP world.

They talk about the size of the Indian PHP market and how many developers (certified and uncertified) are out there looking to fill the needs. By their own numbers, the PHPClasses.org has more job openings in India than any other country (with the US coming in second).

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