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Satya Prakash's Blog:
PHP is not Java
November 29, 2010 @ 08:42:53

On the Web Scripting Blog today, Satya Prakash has a reminder for developers and those hiring them alike - PHP is not Java.

I went for Interview and there interviewer asked me few questions. I disagreed on two questions and their answers. [...] After I disagreed [about parentheses being required on class creation] they said it is essential in new PHP version 5.2.x. Still I disagreed then he said, no no after PHP 5.2.x, PHP is like Java. [...] I like PHP and I do not want it to become Java. If just by implementing Object Oriented Programming PHP can become Java then I will say Java is C++ or Java copied C++.

He proves his stance with a bit of sample code showing that the object creation doesn't require the parentheses to create.

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