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Udemy Blog:
Code Wars PHP vs Ruby vs Python - Who Reigns Supreme [Infographic]
January 11, 2012 @ 13:13:29

On the Udemy blog there's a new post with a large infographic showing "who reigns supreme" comparing Ruby, Python and PHP (don't worry, this isn't's actual good stats comparing the state of these three languages).

Just as the Japanese, Spanish and French languages are uniquely different, programming languages also have their variations, some more popular and easier to use than others. With the recent introduction of some new ones, there is a 'war' of modern day languages. What's easier and faster to use is not always the best option.

The graphic includes stats like:

  • Usability ratings
  • Popularity in the TIOBE index
  • How much it's discussed (from the IEEE Spectrum, IRC)
  • The number of open job postings
  • Average run time/lines of code

Check out the full post for more interesting data.

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