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Interview with Manuel Lemos - Founder of PHPClasses.org
Apr 15, 2013 @ 11:43:28

On 7PHP.com today they've posted the latest PHP community interview - this time with Manuel Lemos of the PHPClasses site.

In this edition I talked with Manuel Lemos who is the founder of the famous and huge PHPClasses.org. @ManuelLemos has been rambling a lot about PHP, doing all sorts of stuffs on phpclasses back since 1999 – podcasts, interviews, sharing scripts, writing scripts, blogging, shouting and I even doubt he drinks-eats-sleeps there too (just to say how much he is hooked in there).

In the interview he answers questions about:

  • His background and how he got started with PHP
  • What he sees as the good and bad parts of the language
  • Some suggestions for developers wanting to learn
  • What frameworks/unit testing tool and CMS he recommends

There's also a section more specifically focused on the Brazilian PHP community, PHP conferences and some of the things he's learned in his time in the wider PHP community.

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Link: http://7php.com/php-interview-manuel-lemos