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How to get Laravel set up in a VM using PuPHPet
Sep 12, 2013 @ 13:50:51

On Reddit.com there's a new post from trymuchharder showing how to get a full environment - complete with Git, Composer, PHPUnit and an install of Laravel - up and running with Vagrant+PuPHPet. It's shared as a series of screencasts so you can follow along the whole process.

This took some time to get set up and i figure others can benefit from what i learned. [...] I've never done a screencast/tutorial and apparently the QuickTime/iMovie combo produces a super crappy video but hopefully you can distinguish which pixels are what. Please excuse my Texan accent and general ineptness when it comes to server stuff. [...] This all assumes you have the following installed to your local machine: Vagrant, VirtualBox, Composer, PHPUnit and Git.

It's a four part video series he's posted to YouTube (over on his account) and it shows the flow through the entire process including a small bit about using Laravel there at the end.

tagged: laravel puphpet vagrant virtualbox virtualmachine

Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/1m7r74/how_to_get_laravel_set_up_in_a_vm_using_puphpet/

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