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How & Why Did The PHP Mascot Come To Birth? Creator Vincent Pontier Reveals the True Story
Jan 07, 2014 @ 15:59:50

On 7PHP.com today, they've posted an interview with Vincent Pontier about a few different things including how the elePHPant stuffed toys came about.

You cannot be a true fan of The PHP Community and a programmer with PHP in your heart, if you haven’t heard of the magical, mystical and elegant PHP mascot that is coined as and known famously and passionately as ele.. PHP.. wait for it!: The elePHPant! If you are part of The Community, you probably already knew how it was created since the creator of the elePHPant answered it in his movie. But! Do you actually know why it was created and where the idea of creating it came from? And do you actually know Elroubio himself?

While the original interview was in French, it's written up in English to reach a wider audience (it's also in its original French at the end of the post). They talk about some of Vincent's background, where the idea for the elePHPant originally came from, what he thinks of the current status of the elePHPants.

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Link: http://7php.com/elephpant/

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