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Inspire Trends:
40 Useful PHP Classes and Libraries for Efficient Development
Oct 24, 2014 @ 14:56:08

On the Inspire Trends site they've listed out what they think are 35 useful PHP classes and libraries that can make you more efficient in your development.

PHP is a scripting language that also happens to be the most popular in the domain. It is famously used in web development and may not be all that easy to learn for newbies, but it certainly does work wonders and magic. The best part about the internet are the numerous free resources offered on pretty much everything known to mankind and since this particular posts regards PHP, we shall be focusing on that. PHP has allowed web developers around the world to make the web a better environment. It supports several features that automate several processes making your job easier. If you are looking to learn this language, which we believe a developer should, you have come to the right place.

Their list includes tools like:

Check out the full post for the entire list, screenshots of them in action and links to the project sites.

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Link: http://inspiretrends.com/35-useful-php-classes-libraries-for-efficient-development/

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