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Loosely Coupled Podcast:
Episode 16: Estimation Is Hard
Dec 23, 2014 @ 15:32:58

The Loosely Coupled podcast has posted their latest episode today - Episode #16, Estimation is Hard. Join hosts Jeff Carouth and Matt Frost as they talk about their own experience with this difficult developer task.

In this episode, Jeff and Matt talk about the difficult task all developers are continuously faced with: estimation. They cover some examples of times they have found estimation difficult, techniques that have worked for them, and even some advice on how to deal with the stress of estimating incorrectly. Ultimately, estimation is a part of the necessary communication that must happen for a project to be successful.

You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3 and listening to it at your leisure. If you like the episode, be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

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Link: http://looselycoupled.info/blog/2014/12/19/episode-16-estimation-is-hard/

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