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Thijs Feryn:
An interview with Tom Van Herreweghe & Jachim Coudenys (PHP West-Vlaanderen)
Oct 14, 2015 @ 15:52:51

In his latest video interview Thijs Feryn interviews the organizers of the PHP West-Vlaanderen, Tom Van Herreweghe & Jachim Coudenys, while attending the PHP North West conference this year.

My guests for this episode are Tom Van Herreweghe & Jachim Coudenys. They’re fellow Belgians who run a local user group called PHP West-Vlaanderen. This PHP user group is located in the West of the country which is the region I live in. So I run into these guys quite a lot. The irony is that we recorded this episode in the UK whereas we could have just recorded it back home.

The interview primarily focuses on their user group and how it fits into to larger PHP community.

You can catch this latest interview either through the in-page video player, directly on YouTube or you can go audio-only over on Soundcloud.

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Link: http://blog.feryn.eu/2015/10/12/an-interview-with-tom-van-herreweghe-jachim-coudenys-from-php-west-vlaanderen/

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