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Community News:
Latest PECL Releases (01.10.2017)
Jan 10, 2017 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • Druid 0.9.2
    - Fixed #7 Support multi instance by getInstance('instance_2')

    • Fixed zend_mm_heap corrupted
  • swoole 1.9.4
    - Fixed WebSocket server default onRequest method memory leak problem - Fixed the problem of missing zlib library compilation failures - Added Client->reuseCount property to query the number of multiplexed sockets
  • hrtime 0.6.0
    - Major refactoring of the class structure, as described below - HRTimePerformanceCounter::getFrequency() is now static - add HRTimePerformanceCounter::getTicks() - add HRTimePerformanceCounter::getTicksSince() - moved HRTimePerformanceCounter::start() to HRTimeStopWatch::start() - moved HRTimePerformanceCounter::stop() to HRTimeStopWatch::stop() - moved HRTimePerformanceCounter::getElapsedTicks() to HRTimeStopWatch::getElapsedTicks() - moved HRTimePerformanceCounter::getLastElapsedTicks() to HRTimeStopWatch::getLastElapsedTicks() - moved HRTimePerformanceCounter::isRunning() to HRTimeStopWatch::isRunning()