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Latest PECL Releases (09.18.2018)
Sep 18, 2018 @ 08:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.2.0
    + Add new coroutine hooks, tcp, udp, ssl, tls, sleep, usleep, and file read and write, mkdir...etc, be async automatically

    • New ability of the server/client to send the swoole_websocket_frame object directly, support any type of frame construction, send and receive, support __toString
    • Better AIO
    • Add the ProcessPool::getProcess method
    • Support --with-hiredis-dir, --with-nghttp2-dir compiling parameters
    • Enhanced send_yield, automatic retry within the timeout
    • Enhanced timer round detection, repaired millisecond-level ultra-short timer execution error
    • Enable TCP_NODELAY by default, turn off Nagle algorithm, reduce latency
    • More standardized PECL package
    • Re-support the sending of HTTP-header with custom content-length of 0
    • Fixed an issue that can not access the Private/Protect properties in the class after coroutine yield caused by EG(scope) not switched in PHP7.0.x
    • Fixed the error opcode and finish status in websocket_server
    • Fixed the async_dns_lookup bug
    • Completed the code about channel.c overflow space handling
    • Fixed the bug of channel->close
    • Fixed the bug of coroutine socket->recv_package
    • Repair MySQL Statement->execute does not support null parameters
    • Support for identifying form-data encoding with a semicolon-separated boundary
    • Add many high-quality unit tests, greater stability
    • Remove useless time wheel algorithm
  • gRPC 1.15.0
    - gRPC C Core 1.15 uptake


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