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Latest PECL Releases (01.01.2019)
Jan 01, 2019 @ 08:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.2.11
    + Support Timer in manager processes

    • Added DNS cache to improve the connection speed of external network services, default TTL60s, capacity 1000 (#2250)
    • When swoole_strerror the second param is 9, it will convert the swoole-specific error code into the text
    • Fixed the problem that the connection timeout does not take effect after the client triggers the DNS query. It may cause the coroutine to hang for a long time and connection resource occupation, please update the affected version (v4.2.10) as soon as possible
    • Restore CoClient backward compatibility, connect timeout parameter will change the default timeout of the client
    • Fixed the problem that the change does not take place immediately when the client calls the set method after the connection
    • Fixed the problem that the error code was not updated after the MySQL handshake failed (#2234)
    • Fixed a memory error caused by buffer expansion when MySQL executed a large amount of data (e3c5a28)
    • Fixed static compilation problem (#2230)
    • Async write files to increase the reference count to prevent premature shutdown (028ddf4)
    • Fixed Redis Client use illegal parameter would lead to coredump (5af9f3d)
    • Fixed the bug that stack_size set by Co::set is set to the page size of the PHP stack. It is recommended to use the configuration name of c_stack_size. Please do not set it without knowing. If your application has C extension hook to zend_execute, you need to pay special attention to setting the C stack, or you don't need to set it
    • Remove enable-debug-log from PECL compilation configure option, kernel debug logs must be compiled manually to enable


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