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Latest PECL Releases (01.21.2020)
Jan 21, 2020 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • pq 2.1.6
    * Fix PgSQL-12 compatibility

    • Fix PHP-7.4 compatibility
    • Fix empty arrays parsing (Dmitry Simushev)
  • xdebug 2.9.1
    Thu, Jan 16, 2020 - xdebug 2.9.1

    = Fixed bugs:

    • Fixed issue #1721: Header may not contain NUL bytes in Unknown on line 0
    • Fixed issue #1727: Debugger stops more often than expected due to resolving breakpoints
    • Fixed issue #1728: INIT_STATIC_METHOD_CALL is not overloaded
    • Fixed issue #1731: var_dump with DateTime does not output properties (Ryan Mauger)
    • Fixed issue #1733: SEND_VAR_NO_REF_EX opcode, used for require(), is not overloaded
    • Fixed issue #1734: Segfault with DBGp "source" with a out-of-range start line number
  • igbinary 3.1.1
    * Fix bug causing incorrect serialization for 1 in 2**32 strings on 64-bit php installations when string hashes collide. (https://github.com/igbinary/igbinary/issues/260)
  • mysqlnd_azure 1.0.3RC
    - apply fix for the crash problem when working with PDO interface with flag PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT=>false.
  • swoole 4.4.15
    Enhancement --- + Bad websocket handshake request will respond 400 (fdc1cb67) (@twose) + Disable accept when have too many connections (dd9fbf2f) (@matyhtf) + Binary security of package_eof (#3054) (@twose) + Support HTTP chunked request (#3055) (@twose) + Unified naming style and improve accessibility of CurlHandler properties (library/curl) (@twose)


    • Fixed HttpResponse->close (d30e3269) (@twose)
    • Fixed possible memory overflow (2212e091) (@twose)
    • Fixed memory error when MSHUTDOWN (undestroyed reactor) (78d6dd73) (@twose)
    • Fixed handler of event HUP (#3046) (@matyhtf) (@twose)
    • Fixed exit code 1 (f982b817) (@matyhtf) (@twose) (@qiqizjl)
    • Fixed missing "unhook curl_multi_getcontent" (7b2e960e) (@twose)
    • Fixed Coroutine HTTP2 Server memory error (d90eebe6) (@twose)
    • Fixed http_context_send_data (#3059) (@twose)
    • Fixed send_yield in BASE mode (edbb654d) (1b8096e9) (@twose)
    • Refactor HTTP2 Server to fix some bugs (#3061) (@twose)
    • Fixed behaviour of CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, curl_close (library/curl) (@twose)


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