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Latest PECL Releases (08.11.2020)
Aug 11, 2020 @ 08:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • mysqlnd_azure 1.1.1
    - 1. New connection attribute "_extension_version", indicate the mysqlnd_azure extension build version.

      1. Fix memory collect mnd_ prefix alloc crash and add a test case for enable mysqlnd.collect_memory_statistics.
      1. Add support for two redirection info format.
      1. Add support to enable runtime log, check myslqnd_azure_log.md
      1. Add doc for general troubleshooting.
  • gRPC 1.31.0
    - gRPC Core 1.31.0 update
  • igbinary 3.1.4
    * Fix unserialization of PHP references to internal/user-defined classes using PHP 7.4's `__unserialize` (e.g. `ArrayObject`)
  • ast 1.0.8
    - Recommend using the new constant `astflagsPARAM_MODIFIER_*` when checking if parameters use constructor property promotion. The values of `astflagsMODIFIER_*` and `astflagsPARAM_VARIADIC` had some overlap in some php 7 versions. The new constants will have the same values as `astflagsMODIFIER_*` in PHP 8.0+, but different values in PHP 7 (and these flags will never be set in php 7). - Support PHP 8.0's named arguments. - Support PHP 8.0's nullsafe operator (`?->`).
  • igbinary 3.1.3
    * Properly serialize reference groups of size 1 (these can be created by array_walk_recursive and other functions). Note that this does not fix the general case where values not being serialized are in the same reference group as a value being serialized. * PHP 8.0 compatibility fixes.


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