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Latest PECL Releases (08.09.2022)
Aug 09, 2022 @ 08:05:05

Latest PECL Releases:

  • phalcon 5.0.0RC4
    Full changelog can be found at: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/CHANGELOG-5.0.md


    • Reverted to single quotes when volt code generates PHP code.
    • Any tag helpers only accept parameters with double quotes
    • Renamed PhalconTag::form() to PhalconTag::formLegacy (helper form_legacy) #16019
    • Fixed
    • PhalconCliRouter::getMatchedRoute()
    • PhalconCliRouterInterface::getMatchedRoute()
    • PhalconMvcRouter::getMatchedRoute()
    • PhalconMvcRouterInterface::getMatchedRoute() to return RouterInterface or null #16030
    • Fixed
    • Phalcon/Storage/Serializer/Base64::unserialize()
    • Phalcon/Storage/Serializer/Igbinary::unserialize()
    • Phalcon/Storage/Serializer/Igbinary::serialize()
    • Phalcon/Storage/Serializer/Php::unserialize() to reset isSuccess value #16040
    • Fixed PhalconPaginatorAdapterModel::paginate() fix group parameter breaking total items #16042
    • Fixed PhalconMvcModel::doLowUpdate() prevent RawValue getting overwritten #16037
    • Refactored PhalconImage*
    • Reorganized code in the image adapters
    • Simplified various areas, speeding up processing
    • Removed getInternalImImage() (same as getImage()) for PhalconImageAdapterImagick
    • Added better support for webm images #15977
  • datadog_trace 0.77.0
    ?? The tracer and profiling packages for PHP 7 and 8 are built on CentOS 7. These packages will not run on older GNU Linux versions like CentOS 6, Debian 7, and Ubuntu 12.04.


    • Add single span ingestion mechanism #1628
    • Add "recurse" => true option to hook/trace config array #1677


    • Allow Symfony EventDispatcher::dispatch hooks to recurse #1678


    • Fix JIT compatibility under macOS #1661
    • Fix -Werror=address-of-packed-member #1664
    • Add support for ports on x-forwarded-for header #1675. Thanks, @estringana!

    Internal changes

    • Move to CentOS 7; begin adding profiling deps #1660
    • Add profiling sources #1606
    • Build and package datadog-profiling in CI #1663
    • Fix profiler config in randomized tests #1682

    Profiling (v0.8.0)


    • Add process_id and runtime_version tags #1606.
    • Add support for changing env vars per request, such as per-directory env var settings in Apache #1606.
    • Add fake frame when truncating stacks #1679. This way users can tell when the stack is truncated.


    • Switch <php> to <?php #1680
    • Raise max stack depth to 512 #1681
    • Enable CPU Time profile by default #1663. This can disabled by setting the environment variable DD_PROFILING_EXPERIMENTAL_CPU_TIME_ENABLED to 0, off, or no.
    • Change logging format #1606. Add a new log level trace, which is even more verbose than debug.
    • Stop sending a profile on every phpinfo() (or the equivalent command line option --ri datadog-profiling) #1606
  • sdl_ttf 0.3.0
    Add TTF_WasInit, TTF_RenderText_Blended and TTF_RenderText_Shaded functions. Add dependency on SDL extension on package.xml file (Remi Collet)


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