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Wez Furlong's Blog:
Calling SQLBindParameter and avoiding a datetime overflow.
November 25, 2005 @ 06:44:58

Wez Furlong has this post today with a look at a problem he had with dates and gSOAP.

I've spent a lot of time with ODBC recently, working on interfacing our PostalEngine product with SQL Server. One of the things that caused me a LOT of trouble is binding date/time values into our stored procedure calls. One of the reasons that it was hard work was lack of documentation-by-example.

When this [code] is run, the execute fails with SQLSTATE 22008, Date time overflow. Everything looks correct in the code, and most of the values we're passing are based on the description of the parameter provided by ODBC, so what's going on?

After "several hours", he figures it out, the problem being a result of the precision field. He also includes an example of the "magic number" to put in their field to get things to parse correctly...

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sqlbindparameter SOAP datetime overflow sqlbindparameter SOAP datetime overflow

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