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Gregarius - an RSS/Atom Feed Reader
Jan 04, 2006 @ 15:53:58

In this new article from PHPBuilder.com today, they talk about the Gregarius RSS reader and how to set it all up on your machine.

This month, I introduce an RSS/Atom aggregator that, so far, does just what I need. It's called Gregarius (a misspelling of gregarious, which means seeking and enjoying the company of others). It's based upon the MagpieRSS parser.

It will appeal to both novice users as well as more experienced developers who're looking for something to run on their own server that they can possibly extend, rather than the usual web-based versions.

They assume you have some experience with PHP and installing external scripts, but other than that, they'll step you through every bit of the way - including configuration information...

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