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SitePoint PHP Blog:
PHP's "doggie" easter egg
January 09, 2006 @ 07:11:52

Spurred on by a post on over the weekend, Kevin Yank has listed out all of the "easter egg" images that are integrated into the actual PHP installation.

An apparent easter egg in some versions of PHP will display a picture of a dog when any PHP script is loaded with a particular query string.

This has been around awhile, but it's news to me.

If you're concerned about the security implications of revealing your PHP version to the masses, be sure to disable the expose_php option in your php.ini file, which also makes this easter egg go away.

While I agree that this is a "neat little toy" to discover with PHP, it does create some potential problems. Thankfully, though, it's easy enough to disable - though those on shared hosting environments might want to make a call to their hosts right now if they have critical apps on their account...

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