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Chris Shiflett's Blog:
Test-Harness for PHP
Feb 06, 2006 @ 06:47:01

Chris Shiflett has a quick post today with another addition to the "reasons to use TAP for your testing" - test-harness.php.

In the tradition of test-more.php, Mike Lively adds to the growing list of reasons to be using TAP (Test Anything Protocol) by creating test-harness.php, a TAP-compliant PHP testing harness. This provides yet another testing option for PHP developers:

  • Easy: Apache-Test (with any TAP-compliant library)
  • Easier: test-harness.php (with any TAP-compliant library)
  • Easiest: test-more.php

You can grab the source for test-harness here and the source for test-more here...

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