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The Ultimate Media Server - Apache+SSL , PHP, MySQL and Jinzora
Feb 08, 2006 @ 07:02:10

HowToForge.com has posted a new tutorial on the installation of the "ultimate meadia server" for personal use - built off of an Apacle+SSL, PHP, MySQL, and Jinzora base.

This guide will lead you through creating a secure ssl based webserver to be able to stream your multimedia across the World Wide Web. Before embarking on this journey I would highly recommend reading this documentation in it's fullest before executing any of it. You may find some pointers in the tips and tweaks section that you can make during installation that would make this install even easier and make it a one time install.

There are a few requirements they mention, but once that's all arranged, it's a pretty simple setup overall. It uses the Jinzora software to provide the media streaming/management component of the setup...

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