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Arul Pradad's Blog:
Saving XML from Flash, using PHP
June 21, 2006 @ 18:39:53

On Arul Pradad's blog today, there's a quick post talking about a simple way to save the XML coming from a Flash file with PHP.

I was trying to create a XML file on the server, using PHP. The XML string was being sent from Flash, by adding the same as a property to a LoadVars obj. ( Since I had to send few other data items as well - other than the XML string, I couldn't use Flash's XML.sendAndLoad method.

He shows the code that was giving him troubles and traces the path he took to discover the ultimate problem with the XML - the quotes in the file were being escaped, resulting in PHP's inability to parse it correctly. A simple call to stripslashes solved that, and the app works just fine.

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