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English Articles and a Single Distribution Resource
Jan 22, 2007 @ 17:29:00

Damien Seguy (maintainer of the French PHP site, Nexen.net) has passed along two new helpful links for those checking out the site - one specifically for the English-speaking audience out there and the other an effort to consolidate the distributions out there.

Two pieces of news for you - I have set up a page which collect all English articles on Nexen.net. http://www.nexen.net/the_english_speaking_nexen.net.php That's not much, but it will help non-French speaking readers.

I collected the list of PHP and MySQL distributions. Nowadays, there are way too many sources for those too technologies to be downloaded from: official version, snaps, installers, source, binaries, source control...So I made a list of them, and they are now in one place to be found.

The "one place" is this page on Nexen.net gives the latest on PHP, MySQL, and the packages that combine them for an easier install.

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