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The Month of PHP Security Overview
March 21, 2007 @ 16:51:00

On, there's a full posting of the bugs that have been posted to the PHP Month of Bugs by Stefan Esser so far (also here for the French speakers in the audience).

Some of the bugs include:

  • PHP ext/gd Already Freed Resource Access Vulnerability
  • PHP header() Space Trimming Buffer Underflow Vulnerability
  • PHP shmop Functions Resource Verification Vulnerability
  • PHP php_binary Session Deserialization Information Leak Vulnerability
  • PHP Variable Destructor Deep Recursion Stack Overflow

Each one is linked to its description with details on the issue, including what needs to be done (usually an upgrade) to take care of it. You can also filter them by the version of PHP that you're using to see which ones might apply to your applications and servers.

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