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The Stubbles Blog:
Why we develop Stubbles
Mar 23, 2007 @ 08:29:00

On the Stubbles blog, there's a new post that answers a question they'd mentioned in a previous post about why they develop the Stubbles framework.

In an earlier entry I promised that we will explain why we develop Stubbles. Well, there is a short version of it and a long version.

Short version: for us.
Read on for the long version.

He (Franke Kleine) lists out the reasons in his long version, including:

  • Release cycles and maintenance requirements
  • Why "use your force to improve another framework" is not a valid point
  • Do we really reinvent the wheel?
  • More company influence
  • To open source or to not open source
...each with their own justification. Even if some of them are a little weak ("other people started frameworks, why can't we?"), most are good reasons for them to create their own in-house framework that just happens to be released to the rest of the community. Their effort wasn't to create something for the greater good, but to make something that they (and anyone else that might find it useful) could use.

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