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Nick Halstead's Blog:
Do faster typists make better coders?
July 25, 2007 @ 14:51:04

Nick Halstead asks an interesting question on his blog today - "Do faster typists make better coders?"

I have been able to touch type since about age 12 and can manage about 100 words per minute when faced with blocks of text to copy and even faster if I am just writing code. [...] Programming in C meant a lot more typing of parenthesis and a lot more thinking about the structure of the code.

PHP has introduced another set of typing problems with a lot more use of < > and a much higher mixture of variables/functions/parenthesis plus the added bonus of trying to remember a single function from a choice of 3000+.

Several of the comments on the post suggest that it could be helpful to productivity, but shouldn't be focused on too much. After all, what really matters is the programmers skill, right?

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