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Northclick Blog:
RFC Draft for a Message Queue System in PHP
October 02, 2007 @ 16:13:00

Soenke Ruempler has posted today about something they found a need for in their group and wanted to create something they could share back with the community when it was done - a Message Queue System developed in PHP.

You'll find a Draft for a php-based messaging system below. We'd be glad if we get some comments from the readers. Because we're heavily using open source we want to give something back to the community and make the message queue system open source. And, yes, if someone is planning something like this or already knows a solution, please let us know, too. We don't wanna reinvent the wheel!

He fleshes out the proposal by describing it in three sections - the problem the need came from, some of the existing solutions the web has to offer (including the Java Message Service and IBM's XMS messaging) and the actual draft of the implementation including the architecture, scalability, a name (none yet) and where they're going from here.

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rfc comments draft message queue system rfc comments draft message queue system

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