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PHP Interview With Paul Dragoonis CTO At BestBuys.com
Jan 28, 2013 @ 17:15:43

7PHP.com has posted their latest PHP community interview, this time with Paul Dragoonis, Dragoonis CTO At BestBuys.com.

In this edition I talked with Paul Dragoonis who is the CTO at BestBuys.com. [...] With varied skill-sets and having his hand at so many aspects and projects as you will discover when you read through the interview. He is currently “Rising and Shining” with the new PHP meta framework, named PPI Framework – (stay tuned with me, I will bring you an exclusive interview on PPI soon!) The PPI Guy also brews his own Whisky, urmm.. organizes conferences under the entity named WhiskyWeb..

They talk about things like:

  • How he got started with PHP
  • Places he's involved with in the community
  • His advice to those wanting to be better developers
  • A mention of his PPI framework
  • Things he's learned from the community

    Check out the full interview here.

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