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That Podcast:
Episode 18: The one where the basket dropped
May 04, 2015 @ 13:41:38

That Podcast, hosted by PHP community members Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, has posted their latest episode - Episode 18: The one where the basket dropped ("Because if you want to make an omelette...")

Beau and Dave talk about podcast news, Star Wars, Mail and todo apps, putting all your eggs in one basket, AWS, PSR-7, splitting monolithic repositories for composer, boring technologies and recent projects and articles from the community.

Other topics mentioned in this latest episode include inbox zero, Aura.Router, Lumen and the PHP Heads community members list. You can listen to this latest episode either though the in-page audio player, by downloading the mp3 or you can subscribe to their feed and get this and other great episodes as they're released.

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Link: https://thatpodcast.io/episodes/episode-18-the-one-where-the-basket-dropped

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