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PHPUgly Podcast:
Episode #112: Episode 1,120
Jul 11, 2018 @ 16:46:08

The PHPUgly podcast, hosted by Eric Van Johnson, John Congdon and Thomas Rideout, has posted their latest episode - Episode #112: 1,120.

This month the team discusses Alexa telling its owner : All I see is people dying

Other topics mentioned include:

They also talk about the upcoming Wave PHP Conference happening in September (2018) in San Diego. The speakers have been selected and tickets are on sale for either workshop days, conference days or a combination of the two.

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Link: http://www.phpugly.com/112

Three Devs & A Maybe:
Episode 112 - The Mafia Effect
Dec 13, 2016 @ 15:32:28

The Three Devs and a Maybe podcast, hosted by Michael Budd, Fraser Hart, Lewis Cains and Edd Mann, has posted their latest episode - Episode #112: The Mafia Effect.

In this weeks second in-person episode, we start off by congratulating Fraser on his recent engagement. We then move on to chat about setting up Kong, rate-limiting APIs and monitoring the health of an application system. From here we discuss the final stages of Mick’s masters dissertation, highlighting the PageRank paper and the Matthew (not Mafia) effect. Finally, we mention Edd’s trip to Silicon Milkroundabout and blog posts that he has recently had the chance to publish.

Other topics mentioned include Kali Linux, the major DDoS on Dyn and the idea of convention over configuration. You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3 directly. If you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe to their feed and get the latest updates as new shows are released.

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Link: http://threedevsandamaybe.com/the-mafia-effect/

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