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Zachary Burnham's Blog:
Code: Setting up unit testing in Zend Framework with multiple databases
Feb 11, 2011 @ 10:15:26

Zachary Burnham has a new post to his blog looking at his technique for unit testing multiple databases in a Zend Framework application.

As part of this project, I’m required to work with two separate databases; the osCommerce database and a new database to track barcodes on the coupons. I found myself needing to rewrite the purchase rules that we’d created in osCommerce in a ZF model. The rules are complex, compounded by the fact that we can’t use the customer IDs in osCommerce, we’re only able to use the customer’s utility account number, as well as the fact that the purchase rules limit purchases by category and not product, and a product can be in multiple categories... well, you get the idea.

He includes a relevant bit from his application.ini to show the database setup and the code for a base testing class (originally from Matthew Turland) to work with the databases. He had an issue where he was getting bad "not found" errors when trying to load the classes in the tests, but eventually figured out that it was the framework not being bootstrapped that was causing the problem. He shows his modified phpunit.xml configuration and has a sample test to show how it all ties together.

tagged: zendframework phunit unittest multiple database