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Job Posting:
CTI Teksource (Recruiter) Seeks Web Technology Developer (New York, NY)
May 29, 2008 @ 10:28:15

Company CTI Teksource (Recruiter)
Location New York, NY
Title Web Technology Developer

This group is responsible for providing customer facing applications that expose the catalog of media assets. In a rapidly evolving digital music space, the group is responsible for exploring new opportunities and defining the direction for the future of music discovery and consumption. These applications span mobile distribution, artist websites, social networking, media streaming, and more. The Web Technology developer is responsible for developing and maintaining several web based applications within the direct to consumer services group. These systems are core to global delivery of digital content including our mobile content application and our direct to consumer mobile store.

Successful candidates come from a Computer Science / Engineering Background with either a Masters or Bachelors Degree

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
The Web Technology Developer responsibilities may include, but will not be limited to:

  • Server side web development
  • Participate in all phases of the SDLC
  • Participate in media technology discussions and rapidly prototype new concepts
  • Communicate with mobile providers and media services concerning developing new technologies
  • Design & develop new enhancements to cutting edge audio and video transcoding engine
  • Extend and manage a highly dynamic distributed computing environment used to power direct-to-consumer applications as well as internally focused tools
  • Focus on delivery of content to mobile devices
  • Focus on content production applications using XSL and Object Oriented PHP

Open and dynamic work environment in which the environment consists of small teams (1-3 developers) and rapid development cycles with limited and changing specs. Developers are free to choose OS and tool sets. Current code base is largely LAMP (very OO PHP) based, but includes Java and a limited amount of Ruby on Rails. Future apps may be more Java focused.

Job requirements:


  • 4+ years of server side web development experience
  • Degree is CS/EE or related field
  • Knowledge of OO PHP (Open to working across technologies)
  • Expertise with data models and SQL
  • Excellent problem solving, design, and communication skills

PLUSES (Must have at least 2)

  • Love of technology for music entertainment (and able to prove it!)
  • Experience with XSL
  • Knowledge of mobile content delivery technologies. (BREW, J2ME, WAP Browsers, …)
  • Rudimentary digital signal processing
  • Experience with MySQL database and tools
  • Knowledge of Linux servers
  • BREW development experience

Those interested should contact Dana Bergeron - CTI Teksource, 212-453-9004 or dbergeron [at] ctiteksource [dot] com

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