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PHP 10.0 Blog:
duck operator
June 05, 2008 @ 14:36:31

In this new post to the PHP 10.0 blog today, Stas talks about duck typing, a method that lets the code decide the functionality to use rather than a direct relation to a parent.

Well, if you are into duck typing style of programming, it may be interesting for you to have an object that implements certain set of functions, but not necessary declares it at class definition. Languages like Smalltalk do it all day along, so why PHP couldn't?

His example defines an interface Cow and a class MooingGrassEater and a function, CowConsumer, that does the work. A classname is passed in and an instance of that class is checked with "implements" rather than "instanceof" to see if it uses the Cow interface. He points out a place where PHP itself uses something similar in user defined streams.

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duck operator instanceof implements class interface relation

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