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Job Posting:
Wildwood Interactive Seeks Senior Web Developer (Austin, TX)
Jun 19, 2008 @ 13:43:56

Company Wildwood Interactive
Location Austin, Texas
Title Senior Web Developer

We're a professional interactive development company. We have a solid client list, and we partner with some of the leading branding and design shops in Austin. We're a learning organization, we like to take on varied and interesting projects, incorporating all that's new and robust in the open source frontier. We develop primarily in PHP/MYSQL.

This is a dream position for the lead developer/project manager who has the skill, temperament, and desire to:

  • Write effective, well documented code;
  • Effectively interview clients to gain an understanding of the requirements and constraints of the project to be coded for;
  • Design solutions including database schemas; ER diagrams, and screenshots;
  • Create developer time budgets required to execute projects;
  • Monitor developer time budgets and make adjustments throughout project development;
  • Identify out of scope work requests from clients;
  • Create project schedules;
  • Interact with clients throughout project life cycles;
  • Manage a team of developers working on several simultaneous projects;
  • Review code throughout projects to insure solid coding practices and proper documentation.

We get hired because we're as passionate about our clients' businesses as they are. We become truly collaborative partners, using our extensive business, systems, database and programming experience to build intelligent, creative, and robust applications. In this position you will be using your business, analysis and programming skills on an interesting variety of projects to develop:

  • customized content management systems
  • extranet applications
  • database driven portfolio sites
  • e-businesses
  • internet communities
  • professional brochure sites, and
  • ecommerce sites with complex autoresponder and electronic delivery requirements.

We offer industry leading compensation and a great atmosphere. Please send your resume and salary requirements to jessica@wildwoodinteracctive.com

For more information about Wildwood check out our website- www.wildwoodinteractive.com

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