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Job Posting:
Software International (Recuriter) Seeks Sr. PHP Developer (Toronto, Canada)
Oct 02, 2008 @ 16:06:24

Company Software International (Recuriter)
Location Toronto, Canada
Title Sr. PHP Programmer

The company is responsible for the development of large scale Internet web sites. We are responsible for evaluation, design, selection and implementation of pragmatic, cost effective technologies, to to support our various clients' business models.

Skills Requirements

  • Strong written/verbal communication
  • Solid team player with passion to participate in mentoring and team building
  • Strong web application documentation, design, coding and testing experience
  • Proven analytical ability to create/modify application code to support new functionality.
  • Strong debugging experience with code written by other developers
  • Proven ability to provide effort and elapsed time estimates for assigned work.
  • Proven ability to execute project deliverables within effort and elapsed time estimates
  • Proven experience in meeting workload estimates as defined in project work plan.


  • Construct, develop, code, debug and maintain web site applications.
  • Conform to in-house software development processes
  • Conform to define software design methodology for the development and implementation of Internet based application to support all aspects of web site functionalities.
  • Perform code evaluation and determine recommendations for adaptation.
  • Creation of Low Level Design Document from Functional Specification and Technical design document.
  • Conduct Low Level Design Review with Team Lead and Technical Lead to ensure that the Low Level Designs conform to respective Functional Specifications and Technical Designs.
  • Participate in code reviews with Team Lead and Technical Lead to ensure that the code adheres to the low level design, and that the code meets coding standards compliance.
  • Apply rigorous testing methodologies and use cases to analyze and verify software programs, algorithms, data transformation, forms, reports and interfaces.
  • Timely communication of issues and status information to Team Lead concerning system development activities.
  • Generate application test data as necessary and validate any data conversion requirements for final implementation and production rollout.
  • Participate in project status review meeting with Team Lead.

Technical Expectations

  • 4+ years of PHP design/coding/testing in Open Source environment building large scale distributed web sites.
  • Experience working in a formal software development environment
  • 2-3+ years of Object Orientation software coding experience for web application
  • 1-2+ years of Working with a second object oriented language such as perl or java.
  • Linux, Mac O/S, MySQL, PHP 4/5, Apache/Light HTTP technology experience based on LAMP model
  • Computer Science trained graduate or with equivalent work experience

To apply for this position please send your resume to paul@softwareint.com

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