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Stefan Koopmanschap's Blog:
Distributing your project with symfony embedded
October 13, 2008 @ 12:57:51

Stefan Koopmanschap has a recent post to his blog showing how to embed a distribution of the symfony framework in with the release of your application:

With symfony 1.0, one of the nice features was the freeze option, which allowed you to package the symfony libraries inside your project quite easily. This was very useful, for instance when deploying your project on a server where you couldn't install symfony. With symfony 1.1, it is apparently not advised anymore to use the freeze option (even though it is still available). So how should this be done then? Let's have a look...

He steps through the process, first setting up a subversion repository then putting a copy of symfony in to the lib/vendor directory and use the svn:externals to link to it.

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