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Keith Casey's Blog:
Useful Naming Conventions
December 09, 2008 @ 15:31:15

In a new post to his blog Keith Casey shares a few tips on naming conventions that can help increase readability in your code and make maintenance simpler in the future.

In my regular web wanderings recently, I found a great post entitled "The 7 Worst Verbs Programmers Use In Function Calls" and couldn't help but be reminded of a system that I worked on a few years ago. The core function of the system was named - no kidding - "doStuff". Everything in the application led towards that, used it, and then did other things as a result.

He suggests a structure he uses - "verbAjectiveNounStructure". Starting with an action, moving to a description of the action, to the target of the action and finally an optional structure - how the returned data is formatted.

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