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Tibo Beijen's Blog:
Catching PHP Exceptions Except the unexpected
October 27, 2009 @ 10:21:43

Tibo Beijen has a new post to his blog today looking at exception handling starting with some of the basics and moving out to custom exception handing methods.

Before PHP5 one had to resort to specific return values or drastic measures like trigger_error(). Planning exceptions, I found out, is just as important as class design. At any point where a developer needs to handle the possibility of an exception being thrown he needs to know: what Exceptions can I expect and what Exceptions do I plan to catch? In this post I'll show some important aspects to consider when planning exceptions.

He starts off with a basic example of an exception, throwing it and catching it, as a part of a SOAP client sample and looks at things to catch, how to catch them and doing fun things like rethrowing and extending basic exception types.

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